Don’t spend your energy trying to figure out what other people want you to do.

Waste no time on other’s ideas for YOUR life.

Live your live with no apologies.  There is never enough time.

Take Part in Your Life

Take part in your Life. Play a part in the making of you. How long have you not been in control?  How often trapped by guilt derived from nothing? The trappings of expectation and age. Self-inflicted pressure to perform – so much that you can’t move – and do...

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Live your life, not your circumstance.

I wrote this piece in response to a post to a Facebook group I follow. Thought it was worth passing along. No house can be built without a solid foundation. A solid personal foundation means knowing, at your core, who you are and what you stand for. I recently started...

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Some days all I can see is failure. All I can feel is shortcoming. My own. Struggle and fail. and struggle. and fail. I understand the journey. I know this is how it is sometimes. I know. We choose. We have choices. To see what we want to see. To manifest our will, or...

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Who’s driving this bus?

My hands have been on the wheel too long. And I'm having a hard time letting go. I've convinced myself that "I know best" and I've forgotten how to listen for the quiet voice. So today I'm sitting in a donut shop, drinking coffee, marveling at how a dozen donut holes...

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Nation Appreciation

"We can't do anything alone.  Well, we can, but it's usually crap." ~Me I want to show my appreciation for Nick Loper. I recently "graduated" from my second nine-week session of the Side Hustle Nation Inner-Circle Mastermind.  This group of hustlers was truly...

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Nothing to see there

It's been a while.  I just rearranged my desk and am trying out a new typing position. I sucks. I'm still forty. Still feel very old every morning.  Gonna try to concentrate on physical fitness now. Except I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything these days....

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Be Thankful Today

I found myself sitting at Les Schwab today, sipping an ice-cold Diet Pepsi... feeling very grumpy and dissatisfied. Then it hit me: I've got nothing to complain about.  There are literally billions of people that have no idea what a cold soda tastes like.  Or how the...

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Are You Capable of a Leap of Faith?

When was the last time you took a leap of faith? For me, the answer was Monday.  That’s when I boarded the red-eye out of Portland and headed to Akron Ohio for the week.  Even now I couldn’t tell you exactly why I did it.  Yet there I was, flying through the night,...

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Failure and Agnst

What is an entrepreneur?  Is everyone who owns a business an entrepreneur? I would argue "no".  Running a business and working for a business is often the same thing.  Sitting here worrying about income, family, strategy... failure.  No, I'm not an entrepreneur.  I'm...

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